Who Are We?

As a domestic abuse charity providing support in Bedfordshire, Change Ur Life is committed to giving individuals a voice and guiding them on the path to safety and empowerment.

Bring An End To Domestic Abuse

Change Ur Life has been established to provide comprehensive, professional support, and a safe environment to allow individuals to step away from a life of fear and begin their next chapter. Our dedicated team work with men, women and children to change not only their lives but also their behaviours, ensuring that their experience with domestic abuse is put to an end for good. We share a passion for offering a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on and most importantly, a friend when individuals need it the most. Everyone deserves to live a life filled with peace, happiness and security, and we are here to ensure that no one misses their opportunity to feel empowered to make this change.

How Else Can I Help

Together, We Can Make A Change

Our mission is to contribute towards a world where every individual, regardless of their age or gender, is respected and is provided with the resources to create the very best life for themselves and their family. To achieve this, we need your generous support to make a difference and ensure that every victim can start fresh with confidence.

There are several different ways in which you can join Change Ur Life in the journey to bringing an end to domestic abuse. Whether you would like to join our team as a volunteer, become a sponsor, plan a fundraising event or make a donation, every effort couldn’t be more appreciated. And together, we can make a change.

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A Client Story

"When I first arrived at Change Ur Life, I was full of anxiety and fear. Immediately after meeting with Juliet, I felt at ease. She alleviated any fears and made me feel at ease with 1 of the biggest decisions of my life. From then on, Juliet continued to support, care and guide me on my journey to achieving my goals and a life free from abuse. I really don’t think I could have done it without her continuous support. I’ll be eternally grateful."