Having support around you and having the opportunity the use support programmes is one of the most important things when trying to better life for yourself and your family, but unless you have the knowledge of these programmes you cant use them! So every Monday, we will be uploading a post here on the Change-Ur-Life website focusing on a new charity or organization each week that we think can benefit many of you. This week we focus on Women’s aid Luton. Women’s aids Luton have lots of opportunities for women and children to enrol in programmes and these are listed below.

  • You Me and Mum-  This is a programme for mothers who have experienced domestic and/or sexual abuse.

“You and Me Mum” is a 10 week programme for mothers which aims to empower and support survivors in furthering their understanding their role as mothers.

 The programme also aims to address the needs of children and young people who have lived with domestic abuse and/or sexual abuse.

Childcare will be provided.

Recovery tool kit group– This is a programme run and open for those who have experienced domestic abuse and is not currently living with their abuser

The programme runs for 12 weeks and each session is 2 hours long.

The programme is designed to assist individuals looking at ways to develop positive lifestyle coping strategies. Living with domestic abuse forces individuals to develop coping strategies that keep them and their family safe within the context of unequal power divides and extremely controlling behaviour by the abuser.

Helping hands- It is a preventative Education Programme for Children

Women’s Aid in Luton are running six-week preventative programme for children who may have witnessed or experienced domestic violence. The age range for the programme is 5 – 11 and the programme will run either for 5 – 8 years old or 8 – 11 years old depending on the referrals.

It is a group run for children and young people which addresses issues of personal space, safety planning and awareness of acceptable and unacceptable behaviours, not only in others but also in themselves

How do we get in touch?- Getting in touch with Womens aid Luton about these programmes is very easy. You can call them on 01582 391856 or you can send them an email on [email protected].

Appointments- Womens aids Luton also have a town center based womens only space. By appointment they are able provide one to one and group sessions with support offering information, guidance and advocacy on issues that you may be experiencing due to the impact of domestic abuse