Change Ur Life have been successful in receiving funding from the Bedfordshire Police and Crime Commissioner.

We will continue the Outreach Support provision across Bedfordshire but in addition we will also have a new dedicated service for Men and LGBTQ+ Community.

In the last year we have received over 160 referrals to our service with the continues support from Bedfordshire Police and Crime Commissioner.

Clients who has received support from us has stated:

“Thanks ever so much for our chat I feel like someone is listening to me. I felt for so long I was fighting on my own.”

“I am keeping very busy at the moment, going for 2nd interview, also my charity work. I really appreciate all you have done to increase my confidence, this was much needed.”

“I can’t fault the help and assistance that Juliet has given to me. She has guided me and gave me confidence within myself. And also to know it was Domestic abuse which took a lot to get my head around. She gave me guidance and put me in touch with people that have helped me come to terms and digest what has happened to me. And put me in the right direction of moving forward which is now going to plan. For that I will be forever grateful.”

“You listened to me, no one has done this before, I felt it was always my fault as I never had the support that I have had with you.”

“You are so special to me as you have helped me so much, I don’t know what I would of done without you.”

“I feel I can tell you anything as you don’t judge me, so easy to talk to you about what I went through.”

“You are my friend for life and I am truly blessed that I have been able to work with CUL as before you started to support me I was terrified that I would be forced to leave the country as I was on a spousal visa.”

“Our weekly conversations are one of the only things I looked forward to during lockdown and during my entire marriage. I haven’t been able to understand my husband’s behaviour but after speaking with you I can finally see my relationship for what it truly is.”

“I really appreciate your support and it has already given me a new power in myself. Thank you for helping me to see just how many people there are in this country that care and just want to help me.”