Having worked in the field for several years supporting hundreds of domestic abuse victims, Change Ur Life was established to offer a comprehensive outreach service in Bedfordshire – an area that we know is in vital need of support. Our team have a wealth of experience and knowledge, so are well-versed on how to pair clients with the support that best suits their situation.

To spread the message on our organisation and ensure that individuals have the peace of mind that we are always a phone call away, we have put together a new website showcasing our mission. We couldn’t be happier to welcome you to our new site and invite you to join our efforts to bring an end to domestic abuse.

A Mission To Change Lives

Our mission remains simple, to ensure that no victim of domestic abuse is ever turned away, felt judged or left helpless when approaching Change Ur Life. We strongly believe that everyone has the right to live a life filled with contentment, happiness and reassurance that they are not in danger, so our team work hard to empower individuals to take the first steps towards making this change. Clients are free to request as much or little support from our team as they feel comfortable with, knowing that we will always be by their side when they need us the most as both a professional and a friend. We are committed to taking a friendly, non-judgemental approach to every situation, using patience, listening and understanding to ensure that victims are never alone on their journey.

Before taking a closer look at how you can support Change Ur Life, we wanted to say a huge thank you to Police Crime Commissioner for Bedfordshire, Kathryn Holloway, who has funded our organisation. It is down to her shared passion for offering individuals the opportunity to step away from a life of fear that has enabled us to set up our outreach service.

Friends laughing

Every Effort Counts

Achieving our mission can only be made possible through the generosity of our supporters, which means that there are several different ways that those interested in getting involved can join our organisation. Not only are we always welcoming new volunteers with open arms, but we also run fundraising events and training courses. We are hugely appreciative of every individual who dedicates some of their time to help us to change lives, whether this may be regularly or on a one-off basis.

Much like any other charity, we run off the kind donations of the public with the option to contribute once or as a monthly fee. Over the next few years, our goal is to raise enough money to be able to develop a helpline and online chat platform that offers 24/7 support. Although this has always been a service that we were committed to providing once established, the need for virtual support has become pivotal in the current climate for many victims who are unable to reach out. This means that a percentage of all donations will be used to reach our goal total to start building these platforms.

Together, We Can Make A Difference

Looking into the future, we would love to imagine a world where every individual is respected and lives life to the fullest, but this is only possible if we all work alongside one another to make a difference. With our passion for changing lives and your generosity for supporting our mission, together, we can change lives!